Fangoria Audio CD Review: Scream in the Dark

SIDFilmmaker Dante Tomaselli (creator of TORTURE CHAMBER, SATAN’S PLAYGROUND and others) recently released SCREAM IN THE DARK, his first standalone audio CD. This seems like a perfectly natural progression, as Tomaselli pays just as much attention to scoring his films as he does to the exploits of his characters.

Tomaselli often creates the music for his movies before he even begins penning the script—creating just the right atmosphere and ensuring that every audio cue is in the right place, and every sound serves a purpose and enhances his work. He seems to have long been out to capture the auditory magic of films like HALLOWEEN and SUSPIRIA, and SCREAM sounds like it was intended to be put on at a Halloween party, to set the mood for a spooky evening, or maybe greet—and terrify—trick-or-treaters. It would also be a perfect soundtrack for any kind of haunted attraction. Tomaselli’s work is atmospheric and very moody—a horror-movie soundtrack without the horror movie. Continue reading

Wolf Creek 2 Review

WOLF CREEK 2 movie poster -- exclusive imageWolf Creek 2 begins with Mick Taylor dispensing his own unique brand of justice and then happening upon a pair of German backpackers that need to be taught a lesson. The film goes in a completely unexpected direction from there, so I will simply leave the synopsis at that.

In Wolf Creek 2John Jarratt reminds us why he was and always will be the perfect choice to play Mick Taylor. He brings the kind of flare to the role that makes fans of the emerging franchise develop an inexplicable fondness for him. He plays the part with the same nasty zeal that made viewers develop a love/hate relationship with him in the first film.  Mick Taylor is poised to become the type of villain that viewers cheer for, much in the same way that we would root for the charismatically evil Freddy Krueger. Continue reading

Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales Review

1-Tom-Hollands-Twisted-TalesTom Holland’s Twisted Tales is a series of vignettes that are introduced by Holland himself. There are nine tales in all; every one however, is bad. It pains me to be critical of a project that the legendary Tom Holland was involved with but there is just no excuse for how bad this film is.

One segment finds a man talking to his GPS, which is seemingly possessed by the spirit of his late wife, another finds a woman wanting to kill her lover, and other vignettes explore additional relationship woes, twisted magicians, the apocalypse and more. None of the segments struck a chord with me; some were less terrible than others but they were all bad. Continue reading

Patrick: Evil Awakens Review

PatrickPatrick: Evil Awakens finds a lovely young nurse named Kathy (Sharni Vinson) discovering that one of her patients – Patrick – is seemingly communicating with her in spite of being in a coma. Kathy is intrigued at first but soon becomes frightened when Patrick’s inclinations begin to turn violent.

The decision to remake the 1970s horror film Patrick was an interesting one. It isn’t a particularly well-known title, so rebooting it allowed writer Justin King and director Mark Hartley the opportunity to make the film their own without the level of fan scrutiny that comes with remaking a more high profile title. The pair did a reasonable job in their efforts. Patrick (2014) doesn’t stand out as a terribly memorable title but it isn’t really a bad film either. It is entertaining enough to engage the viewer for ninety minutes. But, it doesn’t really break a lot of new ground or do a lot that we haven’t seen in some capacity before. Continue reading